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Singapore PR Consultancy


Our Services

We adhere to strict protocols that ensures high success rate for our applicants

Our consultants possess a deep understanding of the Singapore immigration process and policies. This enables us to assist our clients in submitting Singapore PR applications with a high success rate.
We ensure all PR applications are complete and without you having to go through the tedious and cumbersome process. We provide professional advice on all aspects from preparing the paperwork in accordance to the ICA’s (Immigration & Checkpoint Authority, Singapore) application standards to intricate policy matters defined by the Singapore Government.

Check PR Eligibility

Since 2009, the Singapore government has reduced the number of approved permanent residency by 50%. Our experienced team of consultants is able to help you avoid unneccesary rejections.

Assessment & Consultation

  • Initial Profile Analysis
  • On-site Consultation
  • Profile Enhancement Recommendations
  • Policy Updates

Application Submission

  • Expedite Applications
  • Evaluate and Enhancing Every Case
  • Comprehensive Documents Review
  • Documentation Process Management
  • Managing Uncommon Immigration Issues

Status Advisory

  • Post-Submission Recommendations
  • Policy Updates Monitoring
  • Approval Formalities Guidance
  • Rejection Management
  • Appeals Submission

Immigration Expert Consultancy

We guide you towards an in-depth understanding of ICA’s screening process through consultations and guide you towards a higher approval rate for your Singapore PR application.

ICA Guidelines & Considering factors

ICA takes into account factors such as individual’s relationship ties with Singapore, Family Profile, Social & Economic Contributions, Qualifications and Age to assess the applicant’s ability to integrate into our society and as well as their commitment to the community. We work with this framework to enhance your profile according to the requirements of Singapore Immigration Policies.


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